About Us

Our Trainer

An American Heart Association training site and an American Safety and Health Institute (ASHI)Approved training center. Outstanding instructor of CPR, AED and First Aid training programs that focus on the retention of skills and client confidence in performing in real world conditions.   In-depth hands-on training is provided that cements the physical use of devices that help trainees determine the appropriateness of their actions for one rescuer and multi-rescuer situations, and the timed interactive role play shows each attendee why their actions are more effective and more efficient when ultimately attempting to save a life.  Each training session is designed to conquer fears of inadequacy and seeks to instill and activate the life-giving fight and flight adrenalin capabilities in every provider who has made the decision to be there to save the life of another person.

Our Story

MCDC was born out of the dream of waking up everyday and loving what you do, to develop excellence in a skill where there is always new advancements in knowledge and out of the love for helping others to excel in their skill.  I love hearing a trainee say, ” I learned something new today and I feel confident that I have the skill to do my best to save a life.”  I believe it is as important to understand why you’re learning a skill and the difference it makes, as it to have the ability to perform that skill.  I also love learning from my trainee and their experiences with CPR, and the impact the skill has made on their lives.